Lovin Life :)

The last few weeks have been quite hectic around here, at least in my mind! :) I AM in full NESTING mode..all I can think about is everything that needs to be organized and cleaned..rooms that need to painted, furniture that needs to be ordered, decorating that needs to be done…lists that need crossing off :) All you Moms know exactly where I’m coming from. There’s so much to be done…not quite enough time…but I am LOVING every moment. Preparing for our new addition, watching my sweet Ava grow into such an awesome little gal. Life is Good :)

I SO wish I could fit everyone in before I go on maternity//nesting leave but I have filled ALL  of my openings through September!  If it wasn’t so crazy hot out , I would probably open up a few more spots but it feels ten times hotter this summer than last (could be the pregnancy ;) I’m looking forward to this fall and working back into my schedule!! I’ll be missing all my fabulous clients by then :) Keep and eye on the blog..I’ll still be updating and sharing although the blog will be more personal: my family and how things are going with my new baby!

On another note: The first  Delisiphoto newsletter is due to be published next month and will be jam packed with info! Business info…Photo tips for moms (how to take better photos of your kids), lots and lots of good stuff including exclusive specials and coupons only found in the newsletter! If I do not have your email address and you would like to be added to my list  e-mail:   delisiphoto@mac.com    There will be a subscribe field added to the blog soon so keep an eye out for that!

What’s a post without a photo? This was taken a few weeks back..another I never found the time to blog…such a doll!


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